5. Other Types of Electromagnetic Field Converters

Figure 24 shows a cylinder made up of two thermocouples, type 1 and type 2. Field thickening occurs along the outer surface according to the following scheme: -2-3-4-4'-3'-2'-. Such a structure corresponds to a Flying Cylinder or a Cigar type. Fields configuration can also be different depending on the location of points T2. Figure 25 shows the following types: a Triangle, a Segment, and a Boomerang. The center of the thermocouple of these structures is placed at the center of gravity of these figures, which provides for a horizontal stability in the gravitation field. The helix structure's circumference of influence increase or reduction allows to increase or reduce the number of areas available for external field penetration, thus influencing the thrust force Ft.

The effects described above could also be obtained by mechanical rotation of rings, disks with convexo-concave shape. The feasibility of these structures' utilization, however, seems to be quite problematic considering their reliability and operational safety. One could say they had become obsolete before they were born.

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