Table of contents


Phenomenon of UFO
A flying saucer is something simple!

Х Layout
Х Working principles
Х Movement
Х Combined type
Х Other Types of Electromagnetic Field Converters
Х Possible Utilization
Х Historic Background
Х Sources of Information
Х Conclusion

Model of Time

Х The first approximation
Х The second approximation
Х The third approximation
Х The fourth approximation
Х The fifth approximation

Х The sixth approximation

1. Physical properties of Time
2. A standing wave of density
3. Parameters of Time on a geographical pole
4. A gravitational mass on a pole
5. Electrostatic interaction on a pole
6. Extent of a meridian
7. Information coordinate in which we exist
8. Parameters of Time at removal from a surface of a planet

Х The seventh approximation

1. We simulate atom
2. A proton, a neutron

Х The eighth approximation

1. Neutrino
2. Inertness

Х The ninth approximation

1. Ђ The Machine of Time ї
2. Experiment in Philadelphia

Х The tenth approximation

1. Moon
2. Change of poles - catastrophe of planetary scale

The list of the literature

New chapters

1. A lepton of space in a composition of atom
2. Density of an electric field on equator
3. Parameters of leptons of atom on a pole
4. An electric intensity on a pole
5.Changes and additions to the chapter "inertness"
6.A flying saucer is something simple! (continuation)

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