Experiment in Philadelphia.

It is known, that in 1943. Americans have carried out an experiment, which purpose was to make invisible the vessel. This experiment still term Einstein's as experiment. But actually it not so. Einstein did{made} only some calculations. He{it} never would have mind{wit} to invent the plan. The plan has developed by the greatest genius of the twentieth century - has realized Nikolay Tesla. When the vessel during conducting experiment has disappeared, and then was materialized, but any more non in Philadelphia and with catastrophic aftereffects for crew, experiment have closed, motivating with that experiment has passed unsuccessfully. But in fact even to the idiot it is clear, that such effect{result} was titanic good luck. In the same 1943. A tesla has died, and all his{its} archive has been excepted and secret. We shall try to understand, that has invented the Tesla.
The above described properties of Time show, that the external field has titanic energy as which once some physics termed - "free energy". We are not able to use exterior energy because if we were able to do{make} it, the energy problem, and the device with which help this problem would be solved, had an efficiency of much more than 100 % would be completely solved. For today any kinds of energy which we use, are bound{interlinked} to structures of atoms and molecules, starting{beginning} from reaction of burning and finishing nuclear reactions.
The electric current incipient in a conductor is, certainly, any not electrons, and it is undular process in the line of Time transiting in a crystal lattice. The excited atoms oriented on an axis of a conductor change the dynamic characteristics so that entered in a plane of atom of a line of Time are identified by us as an electric field, and lines of Space as magnetic field. The stream of Time going through centres of atoms perpendicularly their planes and having dynamic characteristics , distinct from dynamic characteristics of an external field is perceived as a steady-stated electric current. Hence, and in this case we deal with energy of atom.
It is known, that for conducting experiment the destroyer which has been involved intended for a demagnetization. Along all vessel transited a huge electromagnet which pumping by energy was conducted from other vessel.
At the same time it is known, that in experiment the method of the certain resonance was applied, that unequivocally indicates that the problem was solved with application of oscillatory process.
We know, that magnetic fields of major intensity can be received with the help of major currents, that in requirements of experiment was, it is hardly possible. Even if it would be possible (with reference to experiment) the winding of an electromagnet primely would burn down. Hence, about a magnetic field of a current speech cannot go. Then there is a problem: What a field has shrouded the vessel therefore it{he} has disappeared? The answer only one - energy of an external field.
What fashion Tesla could involve exterior energy. The answer is prime - Tesla were involved the parameter which we term: the Magnetic field of a self-induction . Per se, this parameter also is developing process of an external field. The electric current cannot arise in a conductor at once, for this purpose any time is necessary. This process we associate with inertness. When in an excited atom the vortex formation starts to get out for his{its} limits, some time is necessary that the external field "was integrated" in this process, and, on the contrary, is naturally necessary at lockout of a current the external field needs time to leave from process. The magnetic field of a self-induction is guided so that to prevent{interrupt} with change of a current in a conductor.
In experiment of the Tesla are apply the electromagnet with a binary winding when the quantity{amount} of convolutions reeled along the core in one leg{party} (a direction of the screw of winding) would be equated to quantity{amount} of convolutions reeled in the opposite leg{party} (fig. 71 )was used. The current on a winding is fed by impulses in such a manner that time of one impulse equally transit time a current is exactly halves of length of a conductor. Then the current is not fed the same period. And further process is iterated. At delivery of an impulse the current in a conductor builds up wave-shapedly, as shown in figure, thus the external field present in a contour in accordance with a motion of a current is obturated from "beginning" of an electromagnet to his{its} "extremity{end}", showing a magnetic intensity of the self-induction interfering a current build-up. At the moment of cutout of a current the wavefront of an electric current is in the middle of a conductor and further in the second branch of a conductor the current goes with diminution of amplitude in the middle of a conductor (the current has no inertness). Thus in the first branch the current remains building up, and in second impinging but as convolutions of the second half will be guided to the opposite leg{party} vectors of an intensity field of a self-induction of both paths of a winding are guided to one leg{party}. To the moment of a following impulse in the middle of a conductor there is any quantity{amount} of excited atoms and, hence, any quantity{amount} of an obturated field on the extremity{end} of an electromagnet is retained, which we can characterize as a residual magnetic intensity of a self-induction. For the given experiment use of the second electromagnet is necessary, thus both place on one line towards each other. Process of delivery of an impulse happens synchronously. At each impulse intensity of a self-induction in a place of the joint of solenoids will build up up to some critical value at which reaching the field of a self-induction of both electromagnets will become close on itself from an outside on a start of a winding. Further there is a pumping up to some critical value when communications{connections} tear also object leaves in Vidjl-space. Therefore at conducting experiment the vessel has disappeared. But in Vidjl-space the superfluous information is not necessary, therefore the vessel "have returned", but in other place. There is a problem: whether it was possible in 1943. to supply{ensure} so high frequencies? The answer is prime: the Tesla was the founder and the pioneer of high-frequency engineering .

The given plan, certainly, not assertion, and only a hypothesis. But, something is thought in it is.
It would be interesting to consider the plan when the reel is in the form of a torus, and also when the reel is a primary winding of the transformer, thus that process has not gone "racing" guidance{management} it is yielded by a phase change of an impulse.
Also, it is interesting to consider the plan when one reel is used only. In this case, at support of process, in space along a center line of the reel there will leave impulses of obturatings of a field of a self-induction or impulses of obturating of energy of an external field. Accepting these impulses on any distance and on the relevant reel in its{her} winding the electric current should be generated.
It is necessary to note, that else in the beginning of 20-th century of the Tesla has received the patent for the invention on transmission{transfer} of electrical energy through a habitat without wires. Naturally, this patent has been immediately secret.

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