Changes of poles.

Ancient Sumer, knowing about existence of a medial planet as which they termed Nabiru, knew, also, its{her} continuance{period} of occurrence on a sky. This continuance{period} under their data made 3600 years. The modern interpretive programs of texts of Sumer consider, that this planet is twirled under a major corner to a plane of an ecliptic on strongly prolate trajectory. Thus the point of a perihelion transits in immediate proximity from a plane of an ecliptic of solar system. The period of revolution makes 3600 years. Therefore time in 3600 years this planet appears on a firmament. Having a powerful gravitational field, Nabiru brings with itself various "troubles", as that - floods, fires, changes of poles, etc., etc.
Representatives of other ancient civilizations, also, " much enough " knew. They knew, that every day on a firmament there is a new sun. They knew, also, that the planetary cycle is divided into " seven Sun ", and that the our continuance{period} is " last seventh Sun ". When " the Sun varies " besides different "problems" coming to the Earth, to all other also the pole varies . The sun hovers for many days and then starts to be propelled in a reverse.
Seven solar centuries it is mentioned in manuscripts maya, in Buddhist sacred books, in doctrines of prophets. Under the concept of rabbis of times after Outcome (I.Velikovsky: « Collision of the worlds »), the Earth has been initially created for execution of the divine plan. She{it} subjected to the changes, six series restitutions. After each of catastrophes there were new requirements. On the fourth Earth the generation of people of times of the Babel tower lived. We belong by seventh century. Each of "centuries" of land has the natural name. Seven lands and seven heavens have been created. The most developed the seventh - Arets; the sixth - Adamah; the fifth - the Arka; the fourth - Harabah; the third - Iabbashah; second - Tevel; first, as well as all Earth is called - Heled. In all radiants " the suns" speak as the name removable each other epoch, each of which was terminated by global fracture.
What happens actually?
The planetary plane will consist of segments (fig. 50 ). One segment for our planetary system makes a continuance of a precession or one planetary period - 3600. Each separate segment also will consist of segments. Quantity{amount} of these segments equally seven - by quantity{amount} of " seven Sun " (at least, for our planetary continuance{period}). Radial lines of these of seven segments correspond to radial thermoelectric junctions on merkaba. Light sources, being propelled on perimeter of a segment, except for that have still radial type of a motion - from centre (a medial link) on radial lines, but under a planetary plane, being docked to radial links of the next star system, leave through a band 5 (the band of an inlet and an output{exit}) and are propelled on an arc to a band of obturating of a medial link. In this case the medial link completely irradiated directly by a radiant and the medial planet is visible on all objects of solar system and can look as the second sun. In such situation the gravitational balance of all system is upset, as the geometry of lines of force varies (while to figure geometry very inconveniently) is and gives to a different kind "troubles".

The continuance{period} of occurrence of planet Nabiru is computed primely:

                 Т precession              26000years
Tnabiru =------------------ = ----------------- = 3714 years
                          7                                7

Let's remind, that under data of ancient Sumer this continuance{period} of 3600 years.
Why the Sun reverses direction the motion? The matter is that the planetary strip and a solar strip move nonuniformly (in the Universe generally there is nothing the uniform). Change of day and night happens due to an odds of velocities of planetary and solar strips. Today this difference makes quantity of 462 m\s. The difference quantity a stationary value, differently extent of day would be different, but velocities are not constant. These velocities vary under some undular law and as it is necessary to support a difference of velocities of a stationary value - velocities of a planetary and solar strip have phase bias (fig. 74 ). From figure it is visible, that in such plan on diagrams necessarily there will be intersection points are points of equal velocities of solar and planetary strips and as velocities are equal, the motion of the Sun along a planetary strip does not happen and there is an effect of hovering of the Sun or effect of a shut-down of gyration of a planet. Then the sign of a difference of velocities varies on opposite and the Sun concerning a planetary strip goes to the opposite leg{party} is creates effect of a veering of gyration of a planet or effect of change of geographical poles.
At approach to an intersection point the effect of deceleration of gyration of a planet starts to be felt. Already now scientists have noted small deceleration of gyration. The approach to an intersection point happens either to acceleration, or with deceleration of a motion of a planetary strip. If the approach to an intersection point happens to acceleration this acceleration starts to decrease, that is the planetary strip starts to brake. Such dynamic characteristic gives to that the kinetic energy starts to transfer in interior that, in turn, gives in change of temperature balance of the planet, expressing in magnification of mid-annual planetary temperature. This process on a planet the Earth already began - meltings of glaciers, typhoons, floodings, earthquakes, etc., etc. As this process is non-linear, that, naturally, it{he} will go on building up. The greenhouse effect from an atmospheric pollution, certainly, occurs, but not in the same degree!!!
If we approach to an intersection point there is a problem: " When? "
Under available numerous data (the esoteric literature, the channel information, a calendar maya) it will happen in 2012.
Let's calculate points of cataclysms according to continuance{period} Nabiru.
1.2012 - 3714 = 1702 B.C. - a flood, " darkness Egyptian "
2.1702 + 3714 = 5416 B.C. - bible creation of the world
3.5416 + 3714 = 9130 B.C. - Atlantida
4.9130 + 3714 = 12844 B.C. - Lemooria (it is probable).
7.23998 B.C. - the beginning of a new planetary cycle.
Unpleasant news (can on the contrary sweet) is that fact, that at the end of our planetary cycle all remaining cycles will finished (on "Kalagia" - the end of epochs and the end of Times) so as the planet transfers in star system of a Sirius . More precisely, it would be desirable, that has transfered. If it will not happen, - " end of film ", " game over ". Our Time finishes. But all depends on us.

Irkutsk 2004г.
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