The tenth approximation.


The lunar strip which is taking place near to a medial link, goes with the velocity distinguished from velocity of the Earth planetary strip on quantity of equal velocity of a movement of a projection of centre of a Moon on a surface of the Earth . The lunar Sun goes with velocity distinguished from velocity of the Lunar strip on quantity equal velocities of a movement of a light stain around of a Moon. That on the Earth the Moon saw always on the one hand it is necessary, that the information bundle pairing a Moon and the Earth was propelled with velocity of the Lunar strip, and this bundle should join only one half-period of Moon (fig. 72 ).
This bundle is peculiar pass on a Moon. To hit in this pass it is possible, being propelled directionally Kondratyuk. On other trajectory it is more complicated, as pole obturated and unclosed only at particular height. There are warrants{bases} to figure, that this bundle is a simulated origin, as well as all material universe, but absolutely recent term. Probablly, that this bundle is a part of a bundle which leaves to a medial planet of reflections and was his{its} part on which on a Moon there was an information about Universe, in this case on one leg{party} of a Moon the information about Universe and solar system does not come and in the sky of anything except for the Earth and the Sun it will be visible not (fig. 73 ) (By the way, the Eclipse of the Sun results from concurrences of lines of solar and lunar bundles). In it there is a huge plus as the desire leave for outside space can to give us in a medial link, whence there is an information, and to rest " against a wall " (there now and "Voyager" flies). Exit into free Space, as it is not paradoxical sounds, is carried out through the Sun. Starting from a Moon on the Sun, you will not miss. At approach to the Sun the star pattern directly going from an entering link is unclosed. Exit into free Space further follows. Into free Space " all is close ", but we count, that all is far because of a medial link. The Moon is, some kind of, space port!

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