The ninth approximation.

« The machine of Time »

The plan of " the Machine of Time » (in the further M.T.) is figured on fig. 19. Such plan is universal. The construction can work both in a mode of the orbiting space craft, and in's mode.Insert of one of halves, the construction works as a transport resort. As the transport resort a construction will work, as, and at insert of both halves, but thus power should not be critical. In such situation the saucer goes as though on a beam. At insert of both halves on some criticality when pressure of a radiating bundle will be more pressures of an external field, there will be a closure of radiating and entering bundles as shown in figure. The external field will represent in this case a torus, the close to the spherical shape. In such situation, at sufficient density of a shell of a torus, communication{connection} neutrino of atoms of a construction will be torn and made on an outermost shell. Disconnected with Space - time of the M.T. it appears in a certain medium which according to Kalagia, is termed Outside of Time or Vidjl-space.
The pilot driving the machine of time, is inside so that the central stream of an interior torus transited through top of a head and all length of a backbone. According to Kalagia, our consciousness is in a sushumna, is located inside a backbone on all length. Located for a central stream, consciousness of the pilot leaves outside on an outermost shell. Being in Outside of time, the consciousness, as though, surveys simultaneously all events of the Universe. Here it is important to slide, as though, "sight" on all events. And as soon as the pilot fixes the attention and desire to appear in what or event, i.e. in any point of Time, it{he} there and appears. Physical laws and mechanisms of transition in Vidjl-space and back are not clear yet. But, it while.
The above described principle is made only on the basis of the analysis of standings of Kalagia, and, naturally, any particularses it to render concrete it is primely impossible.

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