The third approximation.

The reader is interested for a long time with a question: " As it is sphere suddenly flat ". The principle of transformation of a plane in sphere is shown on fig. 28. The principle is simplis. It{he} sets up on tall curvature of space and varying, in the widest range, speed of light.
On a surface of the Earth a light has curvature equal (least) to radius of a planet and increases according to increase in radius at removal{distance} from a planet. Why light goes on a curve. The matter is that the space consist of " a photoconductive cloth " which fibres are the braided photoconductive bunches{beams} divergent at a surface of a planet. Therefore on a measure of travel of a solar stain on a surface the angle of observation constantly changes up to the maximum, equal 90 grades when the Sun is precisely above a head. (Fig. 29). The light bunch{beam} captures equally half of equator and leaves on the same channels, therefore the second half is obscured (fig. 30). Solar and Terrestrial tapes move with different speeds, it causes traffic of a light stain on a surface of a planetary tape and is characterized by us as change of day and night. At oncoming to a pole a speed of light grows, and the perception of distance changes. The pole extent has width of equator, but on a pole a speed of light is higher therefore it{he} is rolled in a point.
Let's result the citation from Kalagia: « Let's consider an energy potential of atom. In it{him} Forces destroying all and the Information of Creation of the Universe of a present situation are made. Force of one atom is capable to destroy that part of the universe which has been created for the period of life of this atom, that is the atom should, according to these data, destroy itself even before the formation{education}. But it does not occur. The science physics is puzzled. But the matter is that the power - field of forces existing around of atom and in it{him}, is not that other as pressure of a density wave of the Time or, to tell our terms - Snakes. The science has made a step to studying the Snake and has named his{its} lepton. Physics assume{put}, that it is a lot of leptons and much, the number of them considerably surpasses number of atoms, therefore they make and borrow{occupy} that free field which is free from atoms. Force of leptons is so great, that restrains autodestruction of atom and, moreover, softens aftereffects from his{its} destruction. What to do{make}, alongside with serious and true opening, there is also an innocent naivety. Meanwhile leptons are not present, but is Snakes - a density wave of the Time in which zone of pressure there are atoms and the Worlds. There is a wave behind a wave, speed of moving of them are known only to Spirit; for us it is instants in which we exist as a standing wave of life, constantly varying due to change of the atoms flying in Boundlessness. While the scientist - the poor fellow has time to make out a trace of a fundamental particle, on change to it{her} another comes. Former for him{it} has died, but she{it} continues to be flying in a density wave of the Time through the Universe, never dying, not collapsing, not disappearing, as idea ».
At traffic to a pole a pressure of the Time drops also atom which is restrained from destruction by this pressure, increases the gabarits. On a pole the Observer occupies all the extent long poles, the effect of oncoming to an extreme geographical point thus is attained. Speed of light, at oncoming to a pole, grows proportionally to pressure drop of the Time. It compensates increase in gabarits and distances which actual are only on equator. Extent of a meridian, thus, is not actual, and considerably exceeds the accepted data. The schedule of power{force} lines in a direction of meridians it is shown on fig. 31. On fig.32 it is shown the schedule of the solar bunch{beam} lighting a planetary surface at the moment of an equinox, i.e. half of planetary period is covered precisely.
The falling bunch{beam} represented in figure, is a part of whirlwind torus. Fire which is "not striking" about a surface, is refunded directionally torus in the central channel (fig. 33 , 34).

Above the obscured part of a planet there is a second whirlwind which (fig. 35 , 36 ) is outcoming signal. In figures the rule{position} of entering and outcoming whirlwinds for a position of an equinox is shown. In this position of a line of a outcoming whirlwind go out precisely from line of a pole, therefore, at oncoming to a pole from the dark party{side}, the observer will see the sun rising above horizon. At traffic lengthways of a line of pole (corresponds to traffic of the observer along a parallel near to a pole) the light signal turns on 180 degrees grades - in the center of the dark party{side} it shine " directly in face ", in the center of the covered part it is shine " precisely in a back ". On a joint of entering and outcoming signals the direction on the sun is defined{determined} on equally effective, directed lengthways a line of a pole. The observer who is taking place on this place and standing the face to a pole will observe a signal "precisely sideways".

The picture of illumination of a planetary tape during an equinox is shown on fig. 37.

The effect of an inclination of a planetary axis, or, speaking a simple language, " winter, summer ", is manifested at displacement of an entering bunch{beam} to one of poles, thus the center of a outcoming signal is displaced concerning equator in the opposite party{side} (fig. 38 , 39). The more displacement, the more widely a light strip at one pole and dark at another. At, the greatest possible displacement (up to a line of a pole) the effect of rolling motion of a planet on one side, as at a planet Uranus is attained.
The planetary tape at the displaced rule{position} of solar signals looks, as shown in fig. 40.

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