The second approximation.

The planet the Earth is too some kind of film in which all alive simultaneously is both the spectator and the hero. Our inability to present and understand this process recognizes that we perceive our planet as a spherical body. Meanwhile it not so. It is illusion of visual perception{recognition} of the information. The Earth is a huge flat tape curtailed{turned} in a flat spiral. The same form have both other planets and satellites. On a plane of a planet as on a magnetic tape the information - our history is put. It both the remote past, and our present and far future. On a surface of the Earth the landscape which each element repeats with periodicity in 40000 kilometers (length of equator) is put. All alive repeats also with this periodicity. That it was easier to present it to itself, take a map of a planet in variant when meridians and parallels are rectilinear. For example, a map of the time zones. Multiply her{it} and stick together the multiplied parts in a tape with periodically repeating picture. Now on this tape find the geographical position. You with surprise will find out, that such places will be a little (so much, how much copies you will stick together). Where you are? You are everywhere, i.e. your site repeats through everyone of 40000 km. But you do not realize it, as your Person realizes and perceives only that information which you as an individual receive in the given concrete place of your stay. In other words, you as the person who is taking place in a cinema hall, and simultaneously participating in film do not suspect, that through 40000km to the east your full double (too you) event experienced by you already has gone through it, and the twin who is taking place through 40000 km to the west this event still{even} should go through. Having seen sunrise, we do not suspect, that through 40000km of the east on a share of second earlier, precisely same Sun which in 24 hours will ascend above horizon which is observed personally by you has risen.
Let's result the citation from Kalagia: " Though any Nature has the individual center of Knowledge, nevertheless, each of Natures is uniform for space and inseparabl from others. That is the Nature represents the phenomenon of the Sectioned Unification in Unity and the Constance uniform in space Real... Each separate Nature represents separate locus of Mental Force Uniform Real... " It is difficult to comprehend, but it to make it is necessary.
According to positions of Kalagia, all alive can radiate and accept waves of Time. Time transfers the information. Ideas also are distributed in a substance Time. Speed of current of Time is enormous. Your ideas and ideas, having come to you from the future, bring the information on that your action which has taken place. You make this action, fondly believing, what is it only your idea as Persons, and ideas already fly to the past that the same Person as you are your twin - has made this action.
Let's assume, you were going to fly around of the Earth. We shall assume to the east. With the purpose to return to the same geographical point. Have sat aboard the plane. We fly. A share of second earlier on 40000km to the east your full double has taken off in east direction. Still a share of second earlier and more on 40000km one more twin, etc. to the east has taken off. The Share of second later concerning your start and on 40000km other your double, even later and more has to the west started the following, etc. to the west. Having flown by 40000km and "having returned" to a place of start of you people which saw how your twin has departed to the east and as you have arrived{flied} from the west meet. For them it will be full effect of your round-the-world travel. For you the effect of round-the-world travel will be precisely same as you will be met by doubles of those people to whom you spoke "good-bye" on start.
The sun rises in the east. While we shall consider, that Time flows from the east to the west.
One of the major paradoxes of time also consists that Time flows from the future to the past, instead of from the past to the future . And we cannot change the Present, having changed something in the Past as science fiction writers dream of it. To change the Present it is possible only having changed the Future, but it to make it is impossible, since in this case it should to reach the Source. Attempt change through influence on the Future can to result the Present in completely unpredictable consequences. From here there is a universal law of non-interference. From here there is a universal law of preservation of the information.

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