9. Conclusion

•  The modern concepts of the Universe, galaxies, celestial systems formation, built on an incidental character of events and involving no participation of the Superior Intellect in these processes, are groundless.

•  Movement in space with the help of electromagnetic fields transformers has nothing to do with regular transportation means.

•  The modern understanding of the Solar System structure is nothing else but an illusion of information perception. No heliocentric system allows for a concept of movement within the time substance to be built. Consequently, a principally new model with a room to accommodate the time flow concept has to be built.

•  Electromagnetic fields density dynamics needs its most thorough scientific studies.

•  Scientific experiments on the study of electromagnetic fields density dynamics have to be most thoroughly prepared and run with utmost care.


Eugene V. Shamala

Author's remark: bearing in mind the new trends in the studies of space and time fields' dynamics, there are reasons to believe that the Earth is on the edge of a cosmological catastrophe.


It was quite good for 1999. Further as it was already spoken, have been revealed if softly to be expressed, "defects". For example:
1. The sense of use of quicksilver consist in its{her} ability to dissolve metals. At use of two heterogeneous metals quicksilver was used for formation of thermoelectric junction. In places of contact of metals furrows - channels were made. In channels quicksilver (" four strong vessels is flooded... "). For example, the pair aluminium - copper was used. Quicksilver dissolves metals and blue dip of aluminium and copper is formed. This blue dip also is thermoelectric junction. Iron in quicksilver does not dissolve. Therefore iron was used in the capacity of the heating element available at centre.
2. There is no necessity available ring junction. Radial junctions miss and go directly from central. In this case the diagram of electromagnetic fields will change a little.
3. The motion is carried out due to a pressure differential in an environmental electromagnetic field. Physical and mathematical parameters of a field of Time will be considered below.
4. Equal in effect electric currents will have radial structure, being obturated from edges to centre. Due to a difference of velocities of gyration of spirals radial equal in effect will be incurvated in the spiral-shaped shape. Hence, the magnetic field will be to have the spiral-shaped shape, also.
And also a series of others if softly to be expressed, "deficiencies".
As a whole the principle of deriving of the vortex bell-mouthed electromagnetic field is true.
In a space nomenclature such construction is termed - a merkaba. The merkaba is a device for reception of the vortex rotaried electromagnetic fields. The merkaba or its{her} devices and variety is that underlies all universe. In a construction of atom - a merkaba. In a UFO - a merkaba. In structure of solar system - a merkaba. Everywhere - a merkaba. On the basis of a structure of a merkaba and further the model of Time will be considered.

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