" Complexity - it the simplicity stated in detail. "


" In the beginning the God has created the ground and water.... "

The book of Life

Once, very much for a long time, the person, observing for world around, behind the natural phenomena, behind traffic of the Sun, stars, Moons, has come to a leading-out, that the Earth flat. All heavenly bodies periodically rise because of one edge{territory} and come for another. And all this is based upon elephants, and those, in turn, cost{stand} on whales, and whales float at infinite ocean. For the time it was the grandiose invention and, probablly, such concept dominated a long time. But the person an essence curious. Always there will be a clever man with whom the existing state of affairs does not arrange. This Inquisitive by all means starts to search for " edge{territory} of light " - that place where there is a Sun. Result{effect} of such travel, naturally, refund in a main base was. As a result of the answer to a question: " And in what, actually, business? ", - the new model of the device of the world in which the Earth is in the form of a sphere has appeared, and all heavenly bodies are twirled around of the Earth which in turn and is the center of a universe. So has appeared, and a long time dominated, so-called, system Ptolemeja. Dominated until then when next Curious has not paid attention to that fact, that mechanical trajectories of stars and planets on celestial sphere do not coincide. In 1543 г. ingenious researcher Nikolay Kopernik - has published the composition: " About the reference of celestial spheres. " In new system the Sun is in the center, and planets are twirled around of him{it} on the orbits. Around of planets satellites are twirled. And all these installations, in turn, are twirled around of own axis. Such model, subsequently, has been named - " heliocentric system ". And it has taken place only 460 years ago. To space measures - instant. Now nobody doubts of validity of this theory, as both observations from space and all practice of outer-space flights confirm the truth of heliocentric model. But, nevertheless, this theory is not true.
The problem consists in that, that, gaining the objective information on world around, we do{make} biassed conclusions. The human eye, being, sufficiently, the perfect body, gains the information and transfers her{it} in a brain. The brain, impressing, representing and imagining, identifies this information. When we cannot identify the received information we start to build theories, we start to search and invent with the purpose to explain inexplicable. That also consists in it "danger". Presenting this or that fundamental problem, searching on this problem answers, we can create the theory which to the full would answer our attitude, but, nevertheless, would be biassed. A vivid example of it are the above described models of solar system. So fundamental theories which quite present our attitude, but, nevertheless, are born are only illusion of perception, owing to bias of mind{wit}. But the most sad and in too time comical consists in that , that illusion starts to give rise to new illusions, giving rise, thus, the whole illusory directions in those or other fields of knowledge, that, eventually, inevitably results{brings} in line end.
One of the major reasons conducting to bias in the description of world around, absence of any serious tryings is to describe such fundamental category of our life, as the TIME.
From the most ancient times people, observing world around, have understood, that all in the world develops and goes with the certain periodicity, from the beginning of traffic by the end, from a birth to death. The Sun which has born on the orient, having done the certain way, comes in the west. To a Moon and stars there is something similar. The born person, through the certain quantity{amount} of risings and touching ats dies also this process is infinite. But the person is arranged so, that his{its} Curiosity, his{its} Interest push it{him} to the description of that it{him} surrounds. Process of constantly varying picture of world around also has not passed by attention of the Person and has received the name - the Time. As a criterion of periodicity emersion of the Sun because of horizon are picked. Then this period has been broken into fineer. Hours, minutes and seconds have appeared.
Further we were engaged in that the mechanisms measuring current of the Time improved, and also with the help of simple mathematical manipulations and assumptions We have adhered current of the Time to speed of traffic. Past exists in our memory. The remote past in hypotheses (for example, the theory of " the big explosion "). The near future in analytical forecasts. The far future in our fancy. And this all???!!! Thus the axiom is accepted, that the time follows, as though, from anywhere and, as though, in anywhere. A top of developing process of ignorance. The major, fundamental category of our life appeared practically unexplored. How then the fundamental science develops, in what direction goes? A direction one - Illusion.
On pages of this work trying is made to open the essence of the Time, essence of other phenomena directly connected with this category . Closely to approach to the answer to a question: « That such Time? » it is necessary to consider the following theme:


Interest to a theme of UFO, arisen in the fortieth years, today not only does not weaken, but also every day gains in strength. About it speaks that huge amount of information which flows on the readers who are were interested in the given theme. Periodicals, books, state-of-the-art reviews, certificates of eyewitnesses, photos, films and other data carriers from year to year give out{generate} huge quantity{amount} of UFOs given on a theme. People which are were interested in the given subjects, there is all more and more, but at the same time authorities of the conducting countries deny this problem. What is it? Really such infinite pessimism? Or, maybe, inability to explain this phenomenon with the help of existing scientific theories? Who wish to look the ignoramus? Or the reason in other can? Most likely, it so.
In 1996 year in arm one very entertaining book has got to me. She{it} referred to "Kalagia". At the first tryings reading there was a sensation that is any "nonsense", but at the same time as, did not leave sensation something grandiose ( http: // www.avatara - ). Further studying of Kalagia has resulted in fathoming, that doctrine "Kalagia" on the force and depth of the information has not equal. Here there is a description of the device of the world, the description of the device of the Person, a steps of his evolution. Here there is what expects us and what we should do{make}. The text of "Kalagia" is written by language of "strangeness". Therefore to understand "Kalagia" uneasyly. For the one who has transferred this doctrine to the Earth, all is simplis and obvious. Imagine, that you have moved on 1000 years ago and talk with any scientific on a theme " the electric phenomena ". For you, that you transfer is apparent. For your interlocutor your speech also will be language of "strangeness" (told, but not explained). On the basis of studying "Kalagia" there has come fathoming of work of devices which we name UFO.
In July 1999 in a network the Internet has been placed by me a site under the name " the UFO is simpl ". Now clearly (on a yard 2004 year ), that work has a row{series} of serious defects, but, at the same time, the basic, main idea is true. The text without any changes, in edition 1999 below is followed.

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